Medical Marijuana Card Doctors can assist you with obtaining you Michigan Medical Marijuana Card and assist you in getting the alternative medicines you deserve.

Smoking marijuana for any reason is illegal under federal law, however it is legal in Michigan to smoke it for medical reasons. This is because marijuana can help relieve chronic pain and the symptoms of some other medical conditions that often don't respond well to other medications.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors is a full scale Medical Marijuana Service clinic. We are here to provide qualified patients with the means of obtaining a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card by providing the proper certifications required by the State of Michigan. Our fully licensed doctors conduct their evaluation with full discretion and in full compliance with Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification guidelines. A state issued card allows patients to use marijuana treatment legally in the State of Michigan.


State of Michigan Forms and Laws:

It is important to understand the guidelines we must follow in assisting you in getting your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. If you do not want to visit the links below (State of Michigan Website) you can contact us and we can provide all of the information for you.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Project
Official Certification Form
Renewal Form and Instructions
Application Form and Instructions
MDCH Renewal Form
Change Form and Instructions

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors offer free per-screening for people who may qualify, however a visit with one of our physicians, which is required to complete the application process is not included in the free consultation. The qualifying patient should have their most recent medical records available for the doctor to look at during this appointment. These medical records should include pathology reports, MRI’s, X-ray’s and/or prescription documentation.

For most patients we require that they have an existing primary care physician. If you currently do not have a primary care physician and are over the age of 40, ask about our chronic pain program. Your visit with our physician will be limited to discussing your case as it applies to your application for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Identification Card.